next of kin

next of kin
2011/04/25 19:52 – NIKON D7000 + 300.0 mm f/4.0 lens at 450 mm 35mm eq., f/4, 1/400 sec, ISO 280

Young Exmoor pony with mare in the background in the dunes near Castricum, NL

This is one of my personal favorites: the peaceful look of the young horse with its mother right behind it, the warm colors because of the late evening sun, and the almost 3D quality of the image through the contrast between its sharp foreground and unsharp background, which has a beautiful bokeh, thanks to the lens used at full aperture.

I’ve titled it next of kin, referring not only to the bond between these ponies, but also to their emotional bond with me. Some horses have a great capacity for trust, which makes me feel welcome in their lives — a healing experience.

Images like this are not made by the photographer, but presented to him as a free gift. I do believe that the nature of our true reality is sheer abundance. No need — and no chance even — to fight for it, just “don’t worry, be happy”, as Meher Baba said.