the practical spirituality of unconditional love

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There is only one power that wants to be shared fully, freely and unconditionally, and love is still a good name for it.

Love is the ever expanding power of creation in all of us, whether we accept it or not. Since love is therefore a very elementary and universal way of communication, this simple site is completely superfluous to all creatures who rely happily on their innocence. But there are others, like me, who still need to be constantly reminded of their essential nature.

The subject of this site is practical spirituality, not as taught by any master, church, or special school of thought, but just as I'm learning it – like you. If either of us would have finished with the joy of learning or realized complete clarity, we wouldn't be sharing this experience, better known as the world.

What arises or comes through, should be shared now. We have to communicate as independent students of our own way. I am the teaching of what I have to learn. I can only demonstrate what I am. What I do not accept for myself, won't consciously exist in the world, so it remains separated from its source, which means suffering. What I accept wholeheartedly, however, will exist in and way beyond it, because the world – this experience we create together – is not a closed universe.

We don't need special instruction. We only need joyful moments of recognizing and remembering, which playful learning actually is. Our knowing soul can take it from there and she won't be hindered by the distortions that every translation of inner truth involves.

No copyrights exist for the material on this site. Just do with it whatever you like, follow your heart. I am responsible for the creation of my thoughts, but I'm not their owner. Like everything else, they belong to the one and only mind that we all use to manifest ourselves.

We are blowing in the wind, but we are also the wind itself. We are highly flexible, conscious energy, acting out all possible realities in the same moment – an explosion of creation, an act of God.

Stan Schaap

original homepage of power to share by Stan Schaap | first published 1998-11-29
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