philosophical articles

  • Tender is the Sky
    at the core of it all
    The world does not exist outside my own mind. What appears to me as a world is at every moment the faithful representation of my thoughts. This goes as far as imagining myself here in a mortal body. In human form I represent thoughts of separation that started in my mind long before this body was born and, unless I am inexplicably struck by enlightenment, will go on after its death.
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  • Oak Trees at Sunrise
    camera dreams
    When I'm photographing unselfconsciously and intuitively, joyfully present in the moment, the camera becomes an extension of the mind, it behaves as consciousness itself, and what I bring home from my little explorations are camera dreams, or reveries of the camera's imagination.
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  • Dark and Light Horse Portrait
    To experience beauty is to feel a deep, spiritual, joy, because beauty is the recognition of a transcendent quality in life, a flash of truth breaking through the dense clouds of egoism in our mind.
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  • Houseboats on the Amstel river in Amsterdam, NL
    embracing the dream
    I started doing something 'serious' with photography about forty years ago. I was dedicated, technically proficient, but aimless, and never got any further than scraping the surface of the art, which was symptomatic of my own emotional desert at the time.
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  • Dune Pond at Sunrise
    stuff I couldn't do without
    I could make photos without ever using a lens but I could not produce anything worthwhile without a creative state of mind. As a photographer that’s my most valuable asset, the stuff I couldn’t do without. I don’t have to worry that it could be stolen from me because it cannot be acquired by anyone. It’s all there already in timeless perfection and I am the only obstacle that will ever stand between me and my enjoyment of it.
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  • Revelation
    appearances and vision
    What I've come to like about photography is that it's all about appearances, playing with the make-believe that passes for reality. Images are closer to the stuff that dreams are made of than words.
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  • Dreamy Pond in Lingering Morning Mist
    making sense
    Most of what we learn in life is not really worth remembering. That realization is in itself a great relief. If you then also happen to find that you’re never too old to learn about everything that does not matter at all, your life is becoming lighter, and also more meaningful.
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