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morning mist rising at dawn

Morning Mist Rising at DawnNIKON D7200 (240mm, f/5.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 2800)
Morning mist rising at dawn from a forest ditch near Castricum, NL.

There is a strong impression of compressed perspective here, which is an optical illusion simply caused by the considerable distance between the camera and the scene photographed. The ditch, for instance, is at least a hundred yards long and the gate vaguely visible in the background is another three hundred yards further away at the end of a narrow forest lane. In this case a telephoto lens was used to make the distant scene fill the frame. In principle I could also have used a shorter lens at the same distance and afterwards severely crop and enlarge the picture to get the same dimensions and the same seemingly ‘flattened’ image – but not the same resolution and definition of details, of course.