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Stan Schaap

Photography – the recording of light – is a way of playing with my visual imagination. It’s not about reality. It’s about what I want to see.

What drives my imagination is the will to see, and thereby create, a reality for myself, a deep desire innate to restless human nature. This desire is what photography is eminently equipped for to exploit artistically.

Even though I’m supposed to be the creator of my photographic images, I’m the sucker who falls first under their spell. That’s how much I love the illusions I can create with a photographic system (camera, lens, light-sensitive material, image processing and presentation).

I do not believe that I can really master an art, but I can become a useful human vehicle for whatever wants to be expressed – not only in art, although it can well be argued that life itself is art.

The novelty I want to discover most is that what seeks expression through me. I still want to know fully what it is to be me. And photography has become my favorite language for letting the unconscious speak. Everything we make or do inevitably reflects the unique stream of consciousness each of us represents.

The unknown in me is making the choice of the most adequate way of expression through this particular consciousness at this particular point in time and space. The result may seem a bit awkward and flawed but that is as far as it can go with my awareness, and yet offers eminent teaching for me at this moment. As timeless consciousness I am responsible at the level of expression, and as human I am taken to court at the level of the expressed (time, place, humans, and justice all being part of the expressed).

Being retired now, I find that fine art photography has become my full-time occupation. I happen to live close to a natural park in the dunes, where I love to roam and can open myself easily to every inspiration my mental eye could possibly need. I don’t have to travel far anymore for an image to find me.

This web site is a vehicle for sharing my imagined world with you.


Stan Schaap

Castricum, The Netherlands